June 23, 2021
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Using multiple BOTS trading Bitcoin? Here's what you should know

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Using multiple BOTS trading Bitcoin? Here's what you should know
Using multiple BOTS trading Bitcoin? Here's what you should know

It’s always good to spread your risk when investing. The same goes for when you use cryptocurrency trading bots. But what if you choose multiple bots that all trade in the same crypto, like Bitcoin? I’ve gathered information and expert advice on the dos and don’ts of automatic trading.

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Spread those assets

Spreading your assets over several trading bots helps you avoid risk and get a steady return on investments. But how useful is this when all these bots invest their money in the same thing? You’d probably think that having 5 bots trading in Bitcoin, and expecting different results, is insanity. If the price of Bitcoin goes up, the bots follow. Does the price drop? Then so do the bots.


Automatic trading by algorithms

But it’s not that simple. You see, every bot is driven by a different algorithm and unique trading strategy. These algorithms are based on many more factors than just the currency. Where one bot might buy Bitcoin when it’s dumping — another might just buy-in when Bitcoin breaks out. This means that you could get completely different results from bots that share in the same crypto.

Spread the risk: get stability in return

Conclusion? Diversifying is a good thing! When you combine all the different behaviours of these algorithms, you get stability in return. Each bot behaves differently within the market. So, if the market seems a bit flat, some bots might do extremely well, while others just lie low. The more bots you have working for you, the bigger the chance there’s always someone performing well.

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About BOTS

BOTS is a tech company that has developed an app that makes it possible for anyone to invest from €50. BOTS uses automated trading strategies so you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and even without knowledge. Previously, these strategies were only accessible to the richest 3% of the world. BOTS now makes automated investing accessible to everyone. In 2021, it will also be possible to invest in stocks and other currencies through BOTS. The app is free to download and quick and easy to install. BOTS currently operates in more than 15 countries and by the end of the year, BOTS wants to be active in at least 60 countries and 4 continents.

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